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Ilona Hetsevich

Ilona Hetsevich

Ilona works for a project, devoted to eLearning software development, and writes based on company’s experience in the eLearning field. More information about available LMS features can be found at JoomlaLMS website.

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Asynchronous eLearning is different from traditional classroom studying and requires strong motivation and self-discipline from learners. As there is no person-to-person contact and immediate reaction to problems emerging in the process of learning, eLearning professionals should pay special attention to eLearning course navigation and usability. To help you remove all the barriers to effective eLearning course design the article provides an idea of what eLearning usability is and how to improve it by applying common usability heuristics. 
Sunday, 08 December 2013 14:18

Why Joomla Is Perfect For eLearning?

Published in Tools
Which CMS (Content Management System) is the best choice for eLearning? I recommend Joomla. Why? Read the article below.