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Rajib Chakraborty

Rajib Chakraborty

More than 8.6 years of experience in Education Industry.

Roles played include:

  • Instructional Content Developer
  • Faculty - Physics / Applied Physics for Engg. Undergraduates
  • Instructional Designer - Academic E-learning
  • Content Creator / Instructional Writer - Websites
  • Trainer - Web Content Writing
  • SME - Physics B, Advanced Placement Exams, the United States
  • Instructional Designer - Corporate E-learning
  • Instructional Designer - Higher Education

Research, Teaching, Content Writing, Instructional Designing.

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According to a study, it is found that 25 percent of public school teachers in rural India, remain absent from their workplace. One of the culprits responsible for this serious situation is the content taught to the students.