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Tim Stafford, MS MA

Tim Stafford, MS MA

T M Stafford is an Instructional Design scholar, media producer and project manager for development and launching of creative and innovative educational solutions, including all aspects of establishing and driving design team, coordinating with client for course/training needs, through developing platform and presentation limitations to final stages of launch and quality assurance follow through. Currently he works with Liberty Building Forensics Group as an Senior Instruction Designer and Media Producer and also freelances as an educational consultant and specialist for corpration and non-profit organizations.

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Abstract – The theory of transformative learning theory, first articulated by Mezirow and further refined in his later publications, is about change - dramatic, fundamental change in the way we see ourselves and the world (Mezirow and Taylor, 2009). In contrast, Knowles' model of andragogy focuses on the characteristics of the adult learner and his or her life situation (Knowles, Holton and Swanson, 2005). This article compares and contrasts the essence of Mezirow's transformational learning and Knowles' model of andragogy and provides supporting research evidence for each one. It also formulates an approach to the instructional design of learning for adults who are returning to school that incorporates appropriate concepts from these two theories.”