Gabriele Dovis

Gabriele Dovis

I am in the elearning industry since 2007 and since then I've been very passionate about e-learning. I started as a developer and then I managed several elearning projects for italian eLearning companies.

In 2012 I founded with my wife Mosaicoelearning, an italian reality that puts together the experience and talent of creative communicators and technology enthusiasts. Everything is at full service of the best online educational experience and the constant search for the perfect marriage between excellence and cost containment.

We develop our projects by paying attention to the student’s emotional side and emphasizing the art of Storytelling (in Instructional Design) and the Role play (in Production), through the use of addictive Scenario Based Learning (simulated real situations and serious games).

Mosaicoelearningis also the Articulate authorized reseller for Italy. We provide e-learning tools such as the famous "Articulate Studio" and "Storyline" and We work closely with Articulate also as advisors and beta tester for the upcoming products.

Monday, 24 September 2012 13:41

E-learning in Italy needs to run

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E-learning in Italy needs to run... Which phase is e-learning experiencing? Wait. In Italy or in the World? Well, not exactly the same thing. However, we can evaluate both cases. We could start from the rest of the world, and then see where we're in common and where we step into the Stone Age. Or worse.