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The eLearning Guild Academy: How Are You Keeping Your Skills and Knowledge Current?

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As instructional designers and eLearning professionals it is easy to get stuck focusing on the needs of our learners and forget the need for our own training. As the eLearning profession continues to evolve the need to remain current on key trends, technologies, and research in our field becomes increasingly important to remaining competitive in our jobs and moving forward in our careers. What are you doing to keep your skills and knowledge current?

The eLearning Guild Academy

The eLearning Guild Academy has the answer to your training needs. With a wide variety of live online and blended learning courses covering key areas of eLearning, including tools and technologies, instructional design and development, content creation, and more, you are sure to find the right course to fit your training needs.

Take a look at some of Guild Academy’s upcoming courses and start your professional development today!

Learn more about The eLearning Guild Academy at http://bit.ly/ga1505.

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