5 Ideas for Cutout People Images in eLearning

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The Free eBook: How to become an eLearning Professional

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Review of Lectora Express – The Easy LMS

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TOP 10 FREE Timeline Creation Tools for Teachers

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6 Keys To A Profitable Bespoke eLearning Business

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Unicorn Training celebrates its 25th anniversary in the business of technology-based learning this year. Drawing on personal observations and experience from the past quarter century, Unicorn CEO, Peter Phillips asks…

5 Ways to Reduce Cognitive Load in eLearning

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Corporate MOOCs are coming are you ready?

By Stephanie Ivec on 31 Oct 2013
MOOCs—massive open online courses—have shaken up the higher education world in the past few years. Now it’s time to see how they will impact corporate training.

The 5 Best Free Map Creation Tools for Teachers

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