Brand-Led Learning

By Cammy Bean on 12 Jul 2013
Your brand embodies the personality of your organization and your products or services. This personality creates thoughts, feelings, perceptions, beliefs and attitudes. What’s this have to do with learning? If…

15 Free iPad Apps for Teaching Algebra

By Christopher Pappas on 11 Jul 2013
Numbers can be tricky especially when the alphabet is involved! Problems, equations, formulas may seem complicated for a student to understand and challenging for a parent or teacher to explain.…

Is DITA the Answer for Learning & Training?

By Stephen Page Morse on 11 Jul 2013
You can author, manage, and deliver your Learning & Training content in multiple languages and formats on smartphones, tablets, e-books with DITA XML and a good Component Content Management System…

Analyzing a LMS for a device-agnostic content strategy

By Mayra Aixa Villar on 11 Jul 2013
In this post, I will analyze the key features that LMSs should display in order to facilitate a device-agnostic content strategy that can respond to today´s learning environments. By considering…

11 Free iPad Apps for Teaching Grammar

By Christopher Pappas on 07 Jul 2013
If you are looking for a fun and effective way to teach your children and students grammar with an iPad App, have a look at the following list. 

The Top 6 e-Learning Industry Trends

By Christopher Pappas on 04 Jul 2013
Would you be interested in the 6 current top trends of the E-learning industry? At this post I will explore the hottest e-Learning trends!