Don’t Pick Sides, Create an ADDIE-Agile Mashup

By Travis Thurston on 05 Mar 2014
Over the vast countryside in the kingdom of Instructional Design a mist of uncertainty has fallen over many of the loyal subjects residing there. Conversations can be overheard discussing whether…

Weathering the Storm With eLearning

By Heera Edwin on 03 Mar 2014
The weather has been playing havoc, and this year the world witnessed a series of odd climatic changes. What does this mean for the eLearning industry? Check out the following…

4 Questions That Drive Learning Results

By Jeanine O’Neill-Blackwell on 01 Mar 2014
All learning includes the asking and answering of four questions. These questions form a cycle of learning. This four-part cycle applies to learning anything. Check the article to find more!

Lesson Study 2.0 by SIBME

By David Wakefield on 28 Feb 2014
Group lesson study when executed well is one professional development exercise that can help contribute to improving teacher efficacy and student achievement. Sibme, a video collaboration platform developed by educators…

3 eLearning Techniques to Create Effective eLearning

By Kate Pasterfield on 27 Feb 2014
What’s stopping your eLearning getting off the ground? Audience research from our Learning Technologies 2014 seminars exposed some common barriers to effective eLearning, so we’ve taken a look at three…

What Students Love about e-Learning Courses

By Candice Smith on 27 Feb 2014
Since a continually increasing number of students are turning to online education, there are numerous courses available on the internet. Designing a basic online course may be difficult and is…

Demystifying Competency Models - Just A.S.K.

By Tracey M. Flynn on 27 Feb 2014
Competency models apply to those developing eLearning too. Everyone involved in adult education should know what they are and how they’re best used. This article makes competency models easy to…