Don McIntosh

Don McIntosh

Ph.D. in Instructional Technology from Syracuse University.

Director of Teaching Support Services, University of Guelph

Manager, Design Group, BC Tel/TELUS

President, Trimeritus eLearning Solutions Inc.

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Are you looking for a new tool for authoring eLearning? Content authoring tools vary widely in their capabilities. Many are specialists – converting PowerPoint presentations, capturing screens, preparing quizzes and assessments, developing mobile modules, etc. Some are desktop programs for individual use and others are web-based for collaborative authoring. A few are fairly comprehensive.
Tuesday, 08 January 2013 11:42

Video in training and education

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At least partly because of the huge success of YouTube, people get excited today about the potential of video for training and education particularly in the context of e-learning and distance learning.  There is a lot of hype about it but we need to examine the real benefits before plunging in. 
Monday, 31 December 2012 17:19

Mobile Learning Tools

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The following 39 Mobile Learning Tools allow specific creation of learning modules for mobile devices and/or allow output to HTML5 and/or provide delivery of mobile learning. Most major LMS and LCMS vendors either have mobile solutions in place or are quickly moving to include them.  
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Social/Informal Learning, Mobile Learning, Video – these three items have been “hot” for several years now, both in education and the corporate sector.  Many are excited about them but the adoption of them has been slower than predicted.  Barriers include cost, technology issues still not resolved, confusion about the differences between formal and informal learning, design factors, cultural factors, concerns about security, etc.