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Sunday, 17 November 2013 19:10

Over 1000 Free eLearning Resources

Yes it is true! At the following article you will find over 1000 free eLearning resources for both new eLearning professionals and the experienced ones! From 72 free elearning storyboard templates, and 51 free elearning ebooks to 259 free educational technology tools.
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23 eLearning Experts Help You Become a Top-Notch eLearning Professional! The Free How to Become an eLearning Professional eBook is filled with the knowledge, wisdom, experience and inspiration of carefully selected eLearning professionals. This free eLearning eBook contains hot eLearning tips, secret concepts, specific steps and insider information that will help you become a top-notch eLearning professional. Enjoy reading this and our subsequent free eLearning eBook series and feel free to contact our team of eLearning professionals.
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Many employees enter a training course with the expectation that it will be boring, long and a waste of time, but why? Whether it’s from past experience or just from stories heard from friends and colleagues, employees are not typically excited when they find out they need to go through training.
Would you be interested in a list of Adobe Captivate 7 Free Video Tutorials?
Monday, 14 January 2013 21:32

36 Free Canvas LMS Tutorials

Several people at the eLearning community asked me about Free Canvas LMS Tutorials. I am sure that you know that Canvas LMS is an open source learning management system. Would you be interested in 36 Free Canvas LMS Tutorials?
Are you looking for free e-learning images, photos, cliparts  or illustrations? In this post I will present you The Ultimate list of Free Stock Photos Sites for eLearning.