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As we evidence the growth and development of computing devices and associated wearable technology, we notice that they tend to provide more options for developers. We can relate their implications for educational technology with what happened to mobile operating systems. Besides, more insights can be gained as new platforms emerge. But for now, these wearable computing devices are basically connected to mobile devices such as smartphones. The trend towards further miniaturization suggests that soon enough there will no longer be any tethering involved.
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Typical learning systems tend to focus on the development of traditional training, deployment of learning content, and logistics of learning events. However, they do little to capture and retain valuable business knowledge.  For many of today’s businesses, this knowledge is not just about how to conduct transactions but how, when, and why to utilize these transactions within their business process.  It’s also about employees being able to make the best decisions and being able to apply operational talents and expertise to the ultimate practice of the business – satisfying and delighting customers and constituents.