Wondering if serious games can make eLearning Exciting?


Learning with games which comprises of competitive goals and rewards is a new trend that many organizations are currently investigating. Effective and highly engaging performance simulations and serious games are very different from the stereotypical games for entertainment. Serious games offer an opportunity to accomplish organizational goals but at the same time deploying them successfully in your course content is challenging.

Join Ross Smith in a free webinar on "ELearning: Where do serious games make most sense?" scheduled on Friday, September 12, 2013 at 10 AM PDT. This exhilarating session will help you in getting all queries answered on serious games. Ross Smith, Director of Test - Microsoft Skype Division, has 25 years of experience in software and 10 years in the domain of productivity games, organizational trust, and management innovation. 

The session will throw light on how serious games are developed to assist learners achieve a very specific performance or skill based objective, with effective assessment strategies as their core driving force. In addition to this, we will also talk about how Raptivity can help you achieve your objectives with its wide range of serious games interactions.

This webinar is sure to change your perspective of using serious games in your eLearning content. Please click "Where do serious games make most sense?" to register.

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