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3 Types Of Online Training Course Certificates

3 Types Of Online Training Course Certificates

Certificates are a great way to reward your online learners, from basic completion to social and verified certificates. Even if your online training course is outside of compliance topics, there are great reasons to consider offering a certificate of completion. Learn about the 3 types of online training course certificates you can offer.

Online Trainings: Why You Should Host Paid Trainings

3 Steps To Generating A Steady Stream Of Revenue From Your Online Trainings

When trainers and marketers decide to run an online training session or webinar, there are a few aspects that need to be addressed to ensure success, such as picking the ideal schedule, identifying effective ways to promote the session, and choosing how to measure the impact of the presentation. However, with more learning and collaboration going digital, there is another important question every trainer should ask themselves: “Should I charge my attendees or offer my content for free?” logo

A platform for professional training in logistics and supply chain. Faculty are experienced practitioners. Certifications by industry associations are offered as well as certificates of completion.