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5 Tips For Running A Successful eLearning Focus Group

5 Tips For Running A Successful eLearning Focus Group

Regardless of whether you are brand new to the world of eLearning or have been involved with countless eLearning projects over the years, we all know just how important feedback is during the eLearning design and development process. One of the most effective feedback tools you have at your disposal is eLearning focus groups. In this article, I'll share some tips for how to successfully conduct an eLearning focus group that can give you the insight you need.

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LHT Group focuses on highly creative and innovative custom eLearning projects tracked by in-depth learning metrics. The result? Employees that are more engaged, more motivated, and better at their jobs. Gamification, microlearning, blended, VR/AR.

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Specializing in eLearning and multimedia localization, Boffin also has over 22 years’ experience in localizing websites, videos, and e-books into multiple languages. Our expertise includes translation, transcription, subtitling, and voiceover/dubbing

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Claned is a collaborative online learning platform that supports real-time how we can learn better. It personalizes learning to each individual improving their study motivation and learning results.