Browser Notification Blast

Browser Notification Blast

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The Browser Notifications Blast Includes


Browser Notification Blasts are attention-grabbing, time- and cost-efficient, easy to set up, and high performing in terms of clicks and conversions!

Leverage this effective Outbound Marketing strategy to send ideal buyers to your website.

These alert-style messages can help you engage with our built-in audience instantly, even when they are just browsing the internet.

Best performing browser notifications are benefit-oriented and include offers, free trials of your product, reports, whitepapers, and case studies.


They offer an instant medium of communication that enhances brand visibility and real-time interaction.

They offer purely permission-based engagement with 140,000+ subscribers.

They help you reach the right audience across all devices (mobile and desktop).

They lead to higher CTR (Click-Through Rates) compared to email.

They allow location-based targeting in order to achieve more relevancy.

What we need from you

Provide us with a draft of your message, an image, a CTA text and URL no later than eight (8) business days prior to your selected launch date.

What you should expect

Impressions: 30,000 - 45,000

CTR: 1.5% - 2.5%

How It Works


Book your publication date (based on availability).


Provide us with a draft of your message, an image, and a CTA no later than eight (8) business days prior to your selected launch date.


Our team will take over setting up and launching your campaign.


Check out our Complete Browser Push Notifications Guide For eLearning Companies to learn more about the benefits of using browser notifications for your eLearning company and how you can create a successful campaign that will skyrocket your conversion rates and lead generation.



How many people do you have in your database?

We currently have 140,000 eLearning Industry subscribers.

When will l get information about my browser notification campaign’s performance?

You will receive a performance report—impressions and clicks received as well as click-through-rate—seven (7) days after the launch of your campaign so as to help you measure the ROI.

Book your Browser Notification Blast today and start getting conversions.

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