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  • Offers an instant medium of communication that enhances brand visibility and real-time interaction.
  • Offers purely permission-based engagement with +162,000 subscribers.
  • Helps you reach the right audience across all devices.
  • Leads to higher click-through rates and conversions, compared to those of email.
  • Allows location-based targeting, so as to achieve more relevancy.

What should you expect

  • Weekly Impressions: 50,000 - 70,000
  • CTR: 2% - 3%


  • Provide us with a draft of your message, an image, and a CTA, no later than eight (8) business days prior to your selected launch date, and let us take over setting up and launching your campaign.

Check our Complete Browser Push Notifications Guide For eLearning Companies to learn more about the benefits of using browser notifications for your eLearning company and how you can create a successful campaign that will skyrocket your conversion rates and lead generation.


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