5 Ways Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality Transform The Industry Of Education

5 Ways Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality Transform The Industry Of Education

5 Ways Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality Transform The Industry Of Education

How To Effectively Use Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality In Education

Now, the time has come that we say goodbye to the traditional way of teaching and learning. Augmented Reality app development is one of the latest trends that is followed by the education industry. Augmented Reality in Learning and Development can be beneficial for sure though the cost can be higher sometimes. Today, because of the lack of development and exposure, not many schools offer education via Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, but the one that provides are unrealistically costly.

Augmented Reality app development has become one of the fastest growing markets since the launch of Pokémon Go app. A few years ago, AR and VR were limited to the gaming industry, but since a few months, we can see the change that Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality industry is taking. The valuation of this industry reached $90 million in 2018. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are 2 different things but can be implemented together. Below mentioned are a few advantages of using Augmented Reality in Learning and Development:

1. Visualizing Becomes Easier

In education, imagining things has greater importance. But not a lot of people can visualize things that they are learning. This is one of the primary reasons why students don’t show a lot of interest in the classroom. Even though eLearning was introduced a lot of years ago, still it has not changed the number of students hating to study in the school.

By using Augmented Reality, students can easily see the things in 3 dimensions which they were supposed to imagine. Augmented Reality has become a blessing to students who were not only regarding imagining things but also for their overall development.

2. Increases Engagement In Things

Students didn’t like to learn because of the lack of curiosity. The lack of curiosity was because of the lack of imagination. Now, as students can see the things they learn, their curiosity came back and now they have started engaging themselves in various educational events. Thanks to Augmented Reality app development, students can not only read the textbooks but also live the textbook. This is a breakthrough invention, but it also has a downside. Once the students get used to this technology, they may lose their natural ability to imagine forever.

3. Work Doesn’t Feel Like Work

Augmented Reality has already entered the designing world. Augmented Reality is used in designing cars, buildings, creating 3D images, etc. We know that at our work all we have to do is put on the VR specs and start moving fingers in such a direction that it will form an image. When work becomes fun, productivity comes quickly. And when productivity comes, development happens.

4. Eliminates Language Barriers

Augmented Reality is a language itself; the language of visuals. A language which every person in the world understands. Using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality helps us create classrooms across the globe where even illiterate people can join and become students and learn some of the concepts even literate people cannot understand. Augmented Reality app development can bring the world closer than ever.

5. Higher Research Scope

Today, because of Augmented Reality app development, we are capable of looking things that we haven’t seen to date even though we knew they were there. Doctors are capable of looking beyond their expectations since they are learning new things about the human body day by day. Also, they can teach what they've learned to their students; therefore, future doctors will become a lot more knowledgeable than the existing ones now.

Some of the medical colleges have already started to implement those practices to teach students how to use Augmented Reality. In engineering, drawing is one of the most haunted subjects among students because it includes a lot of imagination. By using Virtual Reality, students can easily imagine things they could not before. Hence, along with excellent grades they also receive useful knowledge.

In schools, the subject which 'haunts' almost every other student is math. In math, 3D geometry is a subject which needs elaborate imagination which, however, can be visualized using Virtual Reality. Math as a whole is a subject of vision which can be taught with the help of Virtual Reality. The calculation is a secondary thing in math; the main thing is to imagine the diagram and decipher.


Apart from all these advantages, there is also one significant disadvantage of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. That is that they are so costly that only a few people can have access to it as of now. Companies like Google have developed a concept of Cardboard based VR specs which are cheap compared to other VR specs but still, there are a lot of people who cannot afford it.

Augmented Reality, on the other hand, presents a major advantage you should not forget about; it does not need any hardware to run. So remember! We can run AR apps on our smartphones but, we need VR glasses to run VR videos and games!