eBook Release: 8 Things Every Great Authoring Tool Should Have

Free eBook: 8 Things Every Great Authoring Tool Should Have
Summary: Selecting and working with authoring tools could be just the breath of fresh air your training programs need. For L&D teams, an authoring tool offers a whole range of new possibilities to make life easier, engage learners, and produce transformational results.

How An Authoring Tool Can Transform Your Learning Process

Many businesses are familiar with the day-to-day complexities caused by inflexible or outdated authoring tools. What they are often unaware of is the potential the world’s best solutions offer to turn the situation around and make every aspect of the content creation, distribution, and analysis process far easier. Whatever the size of your organization, challenges, or resources, an authoring tool should give you significant time, money, and other savings efficiencies.

eBook - 8 Things Every Great Authoring Tool Should Have
Learn how the choice of authoring tool can transform the Learning Process you have set on to shape.

As a result of this, your teams will also be able to concentrate on the actual learning content, empowering them to spend more time producing innovative materials with real business impact.

A Fast Track To Finding The Right Authoring Tool

If choosing the right learning technology for your business sometimes seems confusing, formulating a definitive checklist is an obvious way of clarifying the rewards you expect in return for your investment.

When you’re deciding which authoring tool to use, aligning the capabilities you require with the features provided by each tool is the most straightforward way to ensure you integrate a solution that will exceed your expectations and lead to great learning across your organization.

At gomo, we understand the importance of making the right decision against a wealth of authoring tool options, which is why we’ve compiled some of the most important features you should be looking out for in a concise new eBook 8 Things Every Great Authoring Tool Should Have.

Whether you are looking for an entirely new end-to-end solution or an easier way of uniting multiple course authors alongside your existing LMS, the eBook aims to help you draw up a clear understanding of exactly what your specific criteria are for selecting an authoring tool.

Tell-Tale Qualities In Great Authoring Tools

Authoring tools have shared eLearning’s path of rapid change since the 1990s. Perhaps the most noticeable advancement these days is the ease of use teams are afforded by the best tools.

In gomo’s case, we now see clients develop great-looking courses within a week of getting started, and then continuously tweak and improve those courses with the help of our powerful analytics and simple reviewing and editing process.

As the 8 Things Every Great Authoring Tool Should Have eBook explains, some of the other winning features you should target include:

  • Seamless integration with your existing LMS.
  • Instant updates to courses.
  • A range of distribution options to suit your needs.
  • Multi-device learning that looks great on any screen.

Your Shortlist Is Unique To You

There are plenty of authoring tool features that you might need, which we haven’t mentioned in the eBook. Although we’re proud that gomo can offer you all of the capabilities the chapters discuss, the list is intended to be an overview of the most common priorities rather than an outline of the full scope you can expect from your ideal authoring tool.

If lots of your staff carry out fieldwork or work on remote construction sites, for example, the ability to work offline is likely to be crucial to the success of your training programs, and gomo can provide full support for this.

Another increasingly important capability, particularly for businesses working globally, is the ability to quickly and accurately translate high-quality learning content into different languages for staff around the world.

Gomo lets you create multi-lingual content at scale for a worldwide audience while retaining the visual consistency of training materials and negating the need to duplicate courses.

Expect More From Authoring Tools

Authoring tools are constantly evolving, and gomo has witnessed plenty of change since its first iteration in 2011. Our eBook will help you sharpen your vision before jumping in.

Flexibility used to be a nice bonus in the creation of digital learning courses, but we’ve reached a stage where you can precisely tailor your courses to meet your exact needs.

Whether you’ve never used a dynamic authoring tool or are looking to overhaul a long-established system, our tips should set you on the way to choosing wisely.

Make sure to download the eBook to access useful tips, tricks, real-life authoring tool success stories and content creation must-haves.

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