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New Leaf Technologies

New Leaf Technologies are specialist in adaptive learning and online learning.

Valamis Inc.

Valamis is an internationally growing IT company specialized in the digitalization of learning. Company helps enterprises manage digital disruption in workforce development and bring an excellent learning experience to their employees.


Developer of XTENT, a collaborative authoring solution providing single source workflow to produce compelling eLearning or print ready content in a high productivity environment ensuring high quality standards while maximizing content reutilization.


CYPHER LEARNING is a company that specializes in providing e-learning platforms for universities, businesses, and organizations around the world. The company has two products: NEO an LMS for schools and universities and MATRIX, an LMS for businesses.

360factors Inc

Predict360 GRC software enables you to manage complete audit lifecycle like audit planning, audit plans, checklists, audit reports & more. Request a demo.


360Learning helps you boost training efficiency by: - Allowing trainers and business experts to easily create, and publish digital content at business speed - Reengaging learners with advanced engagement features aligned with best web standards


Abila is a leading provider of software and services to associations, nonprofit organizations, and government entities that help them improve decision making, execute with greater precision, increase engagement, and generate more revenue.

Academy Smart

Academy SMART is a Ukrainian outsourcing company specializing on eLearning development using PHP, Java, Angular and .NET technologies.


Accredible is the industry-leading digital credentialing platform. Issue secure, digital certificates and badges that can be shared online, printed, and emailed in seconds.


Specialists in Life Science Education and Research solutions, ADInstruments have been leaders in the market since 1988. Innovation, support and training has seen them move beyond the lab to develop solutions used in universities around the World.


Innovative learning technologies and immersive content solutions for education and workforce.


AetherPal helps enterprises drive mobile app adoption and usage through mobile task-based tutorials and keeps apps running through remote support for mobile.

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