uQualio ApS

Your own video eLearning platform


We offer a navigation system for software to allow anybody to operate any application instantly without any conventional training, handbooks, or video tutorials.

V-Cube Malaysia

Established since 2009, V-Cube Malaysia, an associate company of V-cube Inc listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, provides digital application solutions for B2B enterprise companies from various core industries in Malaysia and across the region.

Vedamo EAD

VEDAMO company brings together the expertise of educators and software engineers united by the idea to take online education to the next level by making it more efficient, easy and accessible to everyone.


Velpic has closed the loop and simplified the old fashion way we use an eLearning/LMS forever

Verb Inc.

Verb helps companies develop and retain millennial talent through scalable purpose-driven leadership training. Our talent development platform delivers online leadership training, mentorship, performance feedback and social impact projects.


Makers of Viar360 - most intuitive VR authoring tools on the market!


ViaTech is a Business Process Optimization company that specializes in software and manufacturing services that optimize the creation, storage, distribution and delivery of content.


Interactive Video, Interactive Content, Self-paced Learning, Decision-making Tools, Health Care Consumer Education, and Onboarding Solutions


An On-Demand video and knowledge sharing solution that enhances your employees' performance, keeping them relevant, connected, and informed.


We are a software company that develops authoring tools and software for education, training, and publishing. We are known for our award-winning digital publishing platform: Kotobee

Violet InfoSystems Pvt. Ltd.

Products: Violet LMS, Violet TMS , Violet AMS , Violet IMS , Violet Sales App || Services: Custom Application Development, Mobile Application Development

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