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Unlike other e-learning providers, we focus specifically on the hospitality industry. We work with restaurant and hotel chains ranging in size from one unit to thousands of units.

Discovery Machine Inc.

RESITE enables the creation of robust virtual training simulations in minutes using drag-and-drop interfaces.


Disprz is a one-of-its-kind “knowledge-tech” start-up that strives to make people knowledgeable, productive and smarter at what they do, through the use of today’s technology tools like social, mobile, cloud and analytics.


Docebo is a global SaaS enterprise learning management system (LMS).


The DOKEOS eLEARNING SUITE makes it easy to create and manage rich and effective eLearning experiences. DOKEOS works with desktop and mobile platforms, requires no setup, and is always up to date.


Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS), online authoring platforms, and formal and informal learning products used across almost all sectors of business and government.

Dual Code Inc

Dual Code's learning environment is a custom distribution of the world's most popular learning management system enhanced by Dual Code to meet the needs of hospitals and other healthcare agencies.


A powerful Learning Management System and rapid authoring tool combined in a single integrated platform.

eCom Scotland

eCom is focused on the delivery, tracking and reporting of workforce learning and development, through innovative technologies.

Edmego Learning

Prepare yourself for training success with Edmego LMS: a feature-rich, powerful, employee-oriented learning management system that works to fill your company’s training holes.


Thanks to its low cost and stellar customer support, Educadium has built a global reputation for quality service in the online learning industry. Educadium is the best LMS for affordable training and certification for nonprofit organizations.

EDUonGo Inc.

We make the online corporate training experience fun and exciting!

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