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Chetu's e-learning software development experts create unparalleled solutions for evolved educational systems to meet the objectives of higher education establishments, universities, high schools, primary schools, plus businesses and corporations.

Claned Group Oy Ab

Claned is a collaborative online learning platform that supports real-time how we can learn better. It personalizes learning to each individual improving their study motivation and learning results.


Classera provide a state-of-the-art, collaborative, and interactive learning environment capable of redefining education by bringing our unique expertise in the fields of technology and design.

Cloubi Ltd

We are dedicated to developing great digital learning experiences. Our Cloubi solution combines the most sophisticated web-based authoring toolset for creating and curating digital learning content with a scalable cloud-based infrastructure.


Learn the easy way. With Coassemble’s all-in-one online training platform. Create, deliver, train and report all from the one place. Easy!

CodePower IVS

Software Development Company


Coggno is a universe of online training courses created by industry experts, and delivered via an intuitive learning platform.


CommPartners is your trusted partner for e-learning - offering an award-winning LMS platform with webinar, webcast and online event management. Explore our services today.


Competentum is a project-ready team of top-talent EdTech developers powered with pre-built solutions and subject-matter expertise to lead our clients to success in the digital transformation of education.

Computer Aided Elearning

As leaders in the development of educational technology, we dispose of scalable and adaptable solutions to each of our clients: educational platforms, structured and 100% interactive language contents.


Swiss company, creator of Opigno LMS

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