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We are an E-Learning content provider in the domain of Logistics. Air cargo, Ports, Warehousing, Freight Forwarding are some of the fields we cater to. We work with some the top businesses around the globe training their front line staff.

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Everything we eat, drink, wear or drive comes to us via a transport and logistics operation. For the men and women who work in this industry, no two days are ever the same as they deal with unexpected demand, weather, security and equipment related issues.

The very least that these frontline soldiers deserve is to be trained properly for their jobs so that they are equipped to deal with these events.

21CC Education creates compelling training content for the transportation and logistics industry using visuals, gamification, and humor. We have customers in North America, Northern Europe, India and Thailand and offices in all four regions.

21CC offers e-learning, classroom training and recruitment services. 21CC believes in the potential inherent in everyone to raise themselves to higher performance levels through learning, irrespective of the extent of their formal education.

Why 21CC?

Our training programs are designed with a focus on practical outcomes in order to ensure that the content remains relevant to the market place. With the help of the insider’s knowledge provided by industry-specific subject matter experts, we develop content that is open, flexible, learner-centred and performance-oriented. Our belief in blended learning enables us to provide our customers with both individual e-learning modules (for desktop, tablet or smartphone), and classroom learning by 21CC trained teachers, on site or at our locations.
At 21CC Education, we understand that skills development is essential for leveraging the emerging opportunities in India's logistics sector; we are, therefore, committed to closing the skills gap.

More than just a training and placement company, 21CC Education is a platform that brings together training providers, content creators, employers and employees.