Learning Ware (LW) as our main Learning Management System products, and producing e-Learning course materials.

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PROSEEDS GLOBAL PTE LTD is part of ProSeeds Corporation JAPAN which doing businesses across Japan. ProSeeds Corporation JAPAN itself began business as a department in a computer school for students. Our commitment is to do all we can do to serve society.

With 15 years professional experience in developing Learning Management System (LMS) with over 150 clients (either companies or institutions etc.). We have an actual record on managing over 500000 users. ProSeeds Corporation JAPAN's current activities are expanding its business to other countries  and continuously developing products.

At this time, ProSeeds Corporation JAPAN offer some products, especially Learning Ware as our main LMS. Over 600000 learners have used our Learning Ware.

Moreover, ProSeeds Corporation JAPAN also produce e-learning content materials by request from clients.

For e-Learning course materials, we have two categories:

  1. Service line up: Flash conversion service, Videos, Animation, E-books/E-docs, Comic-style materials, Low-cost e-Learning materials, and Multilingual support;
  2. Service features: Three-in-one production system e-Learning course materials, system, and support, Offering proposals for the optimal learning method, from constructing the system framework to presentation, e-Learning course material production that is compliant with global standards;

Generally, there are 7 steps of our production flow on creating e-Learning course material.

Step 1. Consultation
Step 2. Proposal/Quotation
Step 3. Design
Step 4. Development (creation of storyboards)
Step 5. Development (digitizing the e-Learning course materials
Step 6. Distributing e-Learning materials onto the customer's LMS
Step 7. Analysis/Evaluation

PROSEEDS GLOBAL PTE LTD definitely take care of the entire process of the production of our clients' e-Learning course materials, from the production of the initial materials to the conversion into e-Learning materials.

Many businesses were born as a result of success in developing businesses that meet the needs of customers around the world. PROSEEDS GLOBAL PTE LTD is present in order to create more overseas businesses and share our values to around the world.