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What is Freshteam?

Freshteam is a software that combines the power of applicant tracking systems and recruitment applications in one convenient interface. Simple yet intuitive, this platform allows hiring managers, freelance recruiters, and other professionals in the industry to find top-notch talents for their companies or clients.

Freshteam is the newest addition to the Freshworks product family, crafted as a compact package of core applicant tracking and recruitment CRM features. With its best-in-class features for applicant tracking and recruitment management, users can easily manage their processes in line with company standards. Suitable for businesses from all scales and industries, Freshteam is moderately priced, and offers a free package for small teams with basic necessities.

Overview of Freshteam benefits

Next to being backed up by one of the most successful software providers in recent years, Freshteam has proven its ability to transform companies’ recruiting experience. Comprised of several unique applicant tracking and recruitment CRM features, Freshteam equips users with all tools they need to attract and retain talented professionals.

All hiring operations on a single dashboard

Using Freshteam, HR managers preserve full control over the hiring process, and manage all recruiting operations from the comfort of a single dashboard. The customizable system makes it easy to acquaint talent in line with personalized rules and policies, and brings all candidate information (hiring pipeline- resumes, emails, feedback, notes, and more) under the same roof.

Job postings management

Freshteam lets you design and describe job postings, and share them on internal portals and popular career sites. For the purpose, you can use some of the platforms attractive and modifiable templates, or create a brand new listing with detailed descriptions. Each vacancy can then be associated with a chosen hiring team for maximal transparency, and the team can configure any of the hiring workflow stages to make the candidate’s experience more personalized.



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