43 Free Corporate eLearning eBooks: The Ultimate List

Free Corporate eLearning eBooks: The Ultimate List

The Ultimate List Of Free Corporate eLearning eBooks

Corporate eLearning is, unfairly, considered by many employees as necessary evil. This could be a result of their poor online training experience in the past, or insufficient information about the benefits it can bring on the job. When your task is to reverse this attitude, you should be well equipped with arguments and solutions. You may think that there is still a lot to learn, and you’re right. But fear not! In this article, you may find a list of the latest 43 free corporate eLearning eBooks you can download and read, to get valuable insight on the field.

They cover a wide range of topics, from the type of corporate eLearning and Learning Management Systems that best suit your online training needs, to corporate eLearning trends and new technologies that could be of use, along with tips, best practices, and examples. This wealth of knowledge may give you a new perspective of corporate eLearning, and can definitely help you improve the online training experience of your corporate learners.

This list will constantly be updated with new corporate eLearning eBooks, so keep it as a reference and ... enjoy your reading!

1. 5 Things You Should Do Before Developing A Virtual Training Program by Knowledge Anywhere

Prepare for a smooth implementation of your new virtual training program by pinpointing skill gaps, identifying your audience, setting goals, determining content delivery methods, and evaluating current content. Taking the time on the front end to plan for your new program will save your team time and resources in the future. As training and performance walk hand in hand, in this one you will find help in constructing a program will boost your workforce’s success.

2. Strategies To Create Compelling And Immersive Compliance Training - Featuring 8 Examples by EI Design

This eBook is designed as a guide to help you create Compliance training that is engaging for the learners and enable organizations to meet their mandate successfully. And also motivate the learners and ensure that the desired behavioral change occurs. Get a presentation of the challenges ahead, take useful tips and best practices to achieve the impact you want of your compliance training. Available also are learning strategies, along with the approach of a “Learning and Performance Ecosystem”. To crown these all, come eight examples, in the form of “before and after”, to focus on impact and engagement.

3. Transforming Culture In Larger Organizations by SweetRush and Barrett Values Centre

You know the impact your culture has on your business. But how do you change your culture? How do you really do it? Two experts are here to show you how. Ashley Munday of SweetRush and Tor Eneroth of Barrett Values Centre have created this in-depth eBook based on their experience transforming cultures in organizations like yours. Inside, you’ll find relevant case studies, tactical approaches, and links to incredible tools and processes. These road-tested resources will help you implement cultural transformation in your organization. This is work you can do, and here’s the plan.

4. Competency Based Learning In Healthcare Organizations by Lambda Solutions

Competency based training (or learning from the perspective of the clinician) helps to prove that the training provided to healthcare clinicians is actually improving patient outcomes. By reading this eBook you’ll get the definition of it as healthcare is concerned, how this field feed the specific model, keeping an eye on outcomes, tracking, and measuring them. The educative value of the problem-solving process is highlighted also, and in the end there is a list of benefits deriving from CBT.

5. Which Skills Do Workplace Learning/ eLearning Practitioners Need? by Patti Shank and eLearning Industry

What are the most used skills for workplace learning/eLearning practitioners? Is there a core skillset? Is the skillset narrow or wide? Does it vary a lot or a little between respondents? This report by Patti Shank, PhD, presents the skills and tasks that are most often used by respondents working in the learning/ eLearning field. 8 questions, 1668 responses, 105 countries: Find out which are the job skills needed for workplace learning/eLearning practitioners today!

6. A Guide To Competency Based Training For Organizational Excellence - Part 2 by Lambda Solutions

In order to effectively and efficiently access competencies, it is critical to have formed competency models that are measurable. Once competency models are defined, individual workers can be assessed to identify gaps and levels of competence. Have a read on indicators and requirements for assessment, and the perspective of an employee on competency based training. Then, study the 12 step for implementing CBT. If you are a beginner on this structured approach, this is a must-read for you.

7. A Guide To Competency Based Training For Organizational Excellence - Part 1 by Lambda Solutions

Competency training is a structured approach to training and assessment of employees. This eBook shows how creating competency models for specific functional roles, contribute to company-wide strategic goals. But first, it starts with the basics that define CBT, and the reasons for it becoming increasingly popular among organization that value prioritizing, and keeping a budget. In the pages explaining why L&D managers love it, you’ll find reasons for loving it too.

8. Blended Learning In Healthcare: A Toolkit For A Blended Learning Approach In Clinical Training by Lambda Solutions

Blended learning approaches for clinical training offer a solution that streamlines the training process and leverages the best technologies for each part of the learning journey. It typically includes a mix of online learning, simulation, team training, one-on-one coaching, and even in-person seminars. The value of each piece fits a specific need for the outcome desired at the end of the learning journey. Read all about coping with it; define your goals, equip your toolkit and manage all through the right LMS.

9. Your Step-By-Step Guide To Design High-Impact Blended Training Programs - Featuring 7 Success Stories by EI Design

This eBook provides a step-by-step guide that you can use as you embark on the conversion of your ILT program to a Blended Training program. The seven steps are presented in five sections consisting of the basics, benefits, deployment, tips and best practices, and lastly seven success stories. These inputs will certainly help you in creating a high-impact Blended Training program. More specifically, you can use the tips and best practices to optimize your current Blended Training programs. This way you’ll reach the goal of enablement through technology, both in hybrid and fully virtual delivery.

10. Training In An Online World by 360Learning

The key to creating a perfect online course is engagement. Discover in this free eBook how to successfully create your online courses and engage with your community of learners. Start from the change occurred, move on to the options available for learning formats and practices for engaging learners. Then follows the part with all the information you need to match your ambitions to your budget and deadlines, and lastly insight on using data to improve your content, and the participation and pass rates of your course.

11. Digital Culture At Scale by 360Learning

In this eBook, you can discover best practices for implementing large-scale digital culture through training. Defining company culture, presenting skills and practices needed for it, and stressing the strong boost that collaboration and performance can be, is what you’ll come across in the first chapters. Discover how learning can bring change to your organization, once you start changing the way you train, and learn to bet on social features, on your way to achieving engagement.

12. Transforming The Workplace Through Creativity by CreativeLive For Business

Human and creative skills—such as persuasion, emotional intelligence, and innovation—are in higher demand across industries than narrow technical skills. It’s time for the workplace to treat human and creative skills as an essential part of the professional skill set. By tapping into the unused creative potential of your employees, you can support internal relationships, inspire fresh ideas, enhance productivity and position your organization as an industry leader.

13. Train Outside The Box: An Essential Guide To Extended Enterprise Training by eFront

If you think your extended enterprise is expendable, think again. Training people outside the four walls of your organization will delight customers, increase sales and improve your bottom line. Discover better practices of training and developing your channel partners and customers for instant business success. From the fundamentals, to the challenges and their solutions, all can be found here. Get tips for training your customers, and for successful extended enterprise in general. Closing advice is on choosing the right LMS for all the above.

14. Performance Support Tools - 12 Examples On How Job Aids Can Support Your Corporate Training by EI Design

This eBook provides the basics of what Performance Support Tools (PSTs or Job-aids) are and why you should use them to support your formal training. Then, touch upon the benefits they offer to both the learners and the organizations. Also, highlight how exactly can you use PSTs or Job-aids in your workplace and wrap up with 12 PST formats (with examples) that you can use. All these will complement your formal training, providing just-in-time aids to learners.

15. Epic Meaning: How To Turn Your Learners Into Superheroes by Growth Engineering Ltd.

Epic Meaning is generated whenever learners feel like they’re a part of something that’s bigger than just themselves. It feeds into the human need to be a part of something that matters. If your training programme doesn’t have any meaning for your employees, you can’t expect it to change behavior within your organization. It’s up to you to harness the power of Epic Meaning and give your training the relevance it deserves. Download this white paper now to discover what you can do to make your training matter!

16. Final Boarding Call For Onboarding by AllenComm

Onboarding is an opportunity to drive engagement and loyalty, and prepare new team members to work toward the potential for which you hired them. In this document, you will find gathered the most pertinent insights and research, to help you understand and implement a successful onboarding process for your company. Read all the positive effects it brings to productivity, the tools and strategies available, a case study for a retail chain, the AllenComm approach, along with references, tables, and best practices.

17. 7 Consumer Realities That The Learning Industry Can NO Longer Ignore by TwentyEighty

Due to innovative advances in consumer technologies like smartphones, video, and social media, humans have been conditioned to behave very differently, especially in how they seek answers to questions, and how they choose to learn. In this ebook you'll learn: 7 key consumer behaviors you can’t ignore, Industry challenges to consider, and Reality Assessment Checklist. Apart from reading, keep in mind that learners are also consumers in a digital world, searching specific knowledge and various forms of information, in any way you can imagine.

18. Smart Thinking: How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform The Way We Learn by Learning Pool

Imagine a world of work where you get the information you need right when you need it. Imagine support that allows you not to just get on with the job, but to do it even better. Imagine learning while you’re working, not stuck in the classroom. The distant future? A pipe dream? Not at all. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhanced performance support, that world is here, right now. A new learning paradigm arises, as all the signs show that the time has come.

19. Going Global: How To Create Online Training Experiences For A Worldwide Audience by eLearning Industry

Did you know that corporate eLearning globalization can improve your company’s bottom line? Are you ready to expand your online training program on a global scale? Which are the steps to minimize online training globalization risk? Which expenses do you need to factor into your online training globalization budget? Is your LMS up to the task? Or is it time to look for a new tool? Download this free eBook to find the answers to these questions and much more…

20. 6 Examples On How You Can Promote Informal Learning In The Workplace by EI Design

This eBook provides the basics of how informal learning differs from formal learning and the benefits it offers to both learners and organizations. Then, it outlines how informal learning happens in the workplace and how this can be leveraged. Basically, it offers learners more chance in having a learning experience with meaning and greater fulfillment. Something they prefer to the pressure of tests and scores.

21. The 5 Point Checklist To Kickstart Your Customer Education Program by Northpass

A better way to onboard new customers and keep current users up-to-date. The eBook sets off by introducing this five-point list, lets you in on cost factors and tradeoffs, then moving on to marking what the implementation of the program is after. Of course, you’ll get tips on how to establish clear metrics, what to track, how to form your team, define roles, set realistic timeframes, and choosing a partner.

22. Getting Started With Training Your On-Demand Workforce And Client Partners by Northpass

Preserve your brand’s integrity, improve operational efficiency and scale your business with a training program that delivers results. Online corporate training has proven to be more retention-effective so this check-list that Northpass has composed, will prove to be a worthy read in getting results that will boost your operational efficiency. Keep in mind that online training improves retention by 25-60 percent over in-person training.

23. Building Effective Customer Education Programs by Northpass

Learn how software companies can use online learning to augment existing customer training efforts. Whether used alone or in conjunction with other training methods, online customer education can help you create engaged, well-trained users who meet their product goals. It provides more effective, personalized education for your users by letting them work at their own pace, from any device, anywhere in the world.

24. Planning For Success: An Introduction To eLearning Costs And How To Reduce Them by TalentLMS

A well-planned training program can take an organization’s growth from fine to phenomenal. But can you get the same results on a budget? Discover how to develop cost-effective training, without compromising on quality. Perhaps you already know that often the case isn’t training that is not needed, but training that is not cost-effective. Study direct and hidden costs, compare online to offline costs, and get insight on how to keep your budget level low, even righting over-budgeting wrongs, and find out why not investing in a training program is not a good idea.

25. Guide To Convert Your Instructor Lead Training (ILT) To eLearning Or mLearning by EI Design

This eBook provides insight that you can use as you prepare for transformation from ILT to effective online training and also outlines the challenge (the need to look at options beyond ILT) and what are the options (fully online or Blended delivery). Prepare as you should for the transformation to effective online training. Know the benefits coming your way and the key aspects you should watch out for, as you plan the transition.

26. Big Data For HR: How Predictive Analytics Can Deliver Business Value by Lambda Solutions

With the explosion of Big Data from talent and performance management systems, HR executives are beginning to see the benefit of utilizing this information for predictive analytics and ultimately, better decision making. This eBook explains the types of questions HR managers can answer with Big Data and predictive analytics. It works as an introduction to Big Data, but does well in helping you deciding right about employees also. Workforce, and talent management are analyzed and lastly you are guided to your next steps in Big Data and HR.

27. Changing eLearning Dynamics In The Enterprise To User-Generated Content by Easygenerator

Learning and development in the enterprise is changing rapidly. Learning teams can no longer keep up with requests for adhoc knowledge sharing and training, nor adequately support the demand for regional training in local languages. In contrast, with access to easy-to-use tools, subject matter experts can now create training courses and share their expertise with others directly. In fact, the growth of user-generated eLearning content, often promoted through enterprise social networks, is blossoming.

28. Time To Transform: How Is Digital Transformation Affecting L&D? by Kineo

There's a lot of noise around digital transformation. This eBook aims to offer you help on how to filter, by collating some of Kineo's recent articles and thoughts - taking a pragmatic look at what's changing and what is best way to embrace it. It doesn't include all the answers, but asking the right questions will get you halfway to the desired solution. Expand your knowledge on the rate of change realized through digital transformation, on social learning and microlearning. Performance support, Big Data, and AI are also put under the lens here, so that you can have a better look at the greater picture.

29. Tips And Examples To Create Highly Engaging Online Compliance Training by EI Design

This free eBook provides (through tips, best practices, and 10 examples) practical insight on how you can create highly engaging Compliance courses by adopting innovative learning strategies and thereby enhance the impact of learning. Many compliance courses of traditional form don’t fulfill the corporate mandate and fail to bring about the desired behavioral change. So, pay close attention to tips, best practices, strategies and examples that are laid out here.

30. How To Transform The Impact Of Induction And Onboarding With Digital by Looop

Induction exists to help organizations get new employees up to speed and productive as quickly as possible. The costs of finding, hiring, onboarding and training new employees can prove to be costly, so it’s vital for companies to develop the best possible Induction program to equip new starters with all they need to get going. This ebook looks at why Induction exists, why it’s broken and how technology can support the organization.

31. Your Step By Step Guide To Design High-Impact Blended Training Programs by EI Design

Get several insights on Blended Training, including its definition, what is driving its adoption, and what benefits it offers. It also includes tips, best practices, and examples to create high-impact Blended Training programs. You get to learn the basics on blended learning, as well, and a number of ways to deploy all the knowledge gained here. Set your eyes on the models you can use, and study the cues on how to determine what degree of blending would be most effective.

32. How To Grow Your Training Business Faster, Smarter And More Profitably by Elucidat

Successful training organizations are focused on differentiating themselves and meeting the ever-evolving and complex needs of modern learners. They also know it is hard to make digital learning profitable – unless they have an easy way to make it personalized to learners, customized for clients and deliverable at scale. This ebook explores how winning training providers are growing faster and smarter by differentiating their products; increasing speed to market; improving ROI with more efficient and scalable production; and future proofing with the right learning technology.

33. Practical eLearning Translation Strategies For Global Training by CommLab India

Want to train your global workforce consistently and effectively? Translating your online courses is the optimal solution. How do you ensure your translated courses are accurate linguistically and subject-wise? How do you ensure they cater to the sensibilities of regional audiences? This eBook shares effective translation and localization strategies, the efficacy of human translators over machine translators, and more.

34. Scalable Workforce Onboarding For Fast-Growing Brands by Northpass

Onboarding. Everybody says they do it, but only a few are successful at it. Learn what makes a successful onboarding experience in this eBook by Northpass. How onboarding can help you ramp new hires faster, more efficiently, and more cost effective than ever before. Measurable success in your onboarding and training has direct and indirect impact on your bottom line by reducing costs and increasing revenue.

35. Tapping Into The Power Of Personalized Learning by Docebo

No learner learns the same way, or at the same pace. Learn how developments in learning technology are making it possible to tap into the power of personalized learning. Dig into an effective technique for knowledge acquisition and retention. If you are looking to incorporate it into your L&D program, this eBook demonstrates how to use personalized learning in a strategic way. Read the basics on personalized learning, a common misconception about it and how to integrate it effectively.

36. Designing Learning That Works: Using 70:20:10 Effectively by Docebo

Is the 70:20:10 learning methodology simply “old wine in new bottles” given that most L&D professionals think they already combine learning and work? The answer is no – by adopting a shift in mindset, introducing new roles, and gaining a solid understanding of 70:20:10, organizations can start learning and performing at the speed of business. This eBook also helps you decide what type of Learning Management System you should opt for to meet the needs of your employees.

37. Top 10 Essential Skills Every Employee Training Program Manager Needs Right Now by BizLibrary

Training managers are in the business of building skills and competencies, but what about their own? This workbook will help you identify critical skills that are important for the success of a training program. Many skills are needed for this position. Here, you can read about the 10 most essential skills for training program managers, together with related competencies and behaviors to improve. Also included, are recommended resources to help you improve at each skill.

38. 10 Steps To Developing Goals And Metrics For Your Employee Training Program by BizLibrary

Goals and metrics are the wheels of any training program. Learn how to create goals for training and how to effectively measure progress, so that you craft plans that lead to effective training programs. It is better to set goals that are SMART and you can read how to do it, along with setting milestones, and generally being accountable for the goals you set. In the end, you also get insight on how to positively reinforce your team’s work toward the same goals.

39. How To Measure The Impact Of Employee Soft Skills Training by BizLibrary

Great "people skills" easily stand out and make a difference. However, soft skills are not always easy to measure. Learn a methodology to measure the impact of your soft skills training program, firstly by defining and recognizing them. Measuring them is simplified through a four-step process, for analyzing current performance gaps and measuring impact. In this eBook, you’ll also find realistic examples, that will serve as your guide, and help you design a strategic plan to improve performance.

40. Building A Business Case For Customer Training by skilljar

If you tell your executive team you’d like to expand your customer training program, they’ll likely have some concerns. If you don’t know how to respond – and if you can’t provide them with specific, measurable results – don’t be surprised when the answer is no. Avoid this outcome by implementing the tips in this eBook. Learn how to prove the value of your training program and tackle objections head-on, as key stakeholders need to assess whether a new initiative will be worth it in the long run.

41. How To Create A Meaningful And Engaging Compliance Course by EI Design

Compliance course does not have to be synonymous to dull anymore thanks to this exceptional eBook. Get educated on unique strategies, Instructional Design approaches and performance support tools you can utilize to create unprecedented compliance courses. Also provided, are insights on how you can infuse life into dull Compliance concepts. A relevant case study is available in this eBook, plus examples on innovative learning strategies and the use of Performance Support Tools.

42. Training Companies At Work (An Exclusive Insight – 2017) by Administrate

Training Companies at Work is packed full of exclusive interviews with some of Administrate’s biggest customers. Giving you an insight into how they got started in the training industry, how they continue to be successful today, and how they use Administrate to help fuel that success, it’s a great chance to get a sneak peek into the lives of these training providers, interviewed on the most important aspects of the training industry.

43. The Ultimate Guide To Successful eLearning Implementation At The Workplace by Learnnovators

A learning program that supports the experience that people naturally go through when they are learning something new, tends to achieve its outcomes more effectively. A workplace eLearning initiative has the potential to become a humongous success, provided you hit the right notes. Making the transition from traditional corporate learning to corporate eLearning is no easy task. This is a step-by- step guide to all the stages you need to go through to make eLearning an inseparable part of your company.

With this list of free corporate eLearning eBooks on-hand, you get all you can read on best practices, case studies and real-world examples, enhanced with the valuable insight of top LMS vendors and eLearning experts. Best of all, they are all free and can be downloaded quickly and conveniently.