What Everyone Must Know About Animated Videos For eLearning: The Ultimate A-Z Guide

by Eight Interactive

Animated videos work wonders for your eLearning courses. Find out how!

Key Chapters

  1. A is for Animate

  2. B is for Brand Brilliance

  3. C is for Closed Captions

  4. D is for Design Style

  5. E is for Effects

  6. F is for Fun

  7. G is for Graphics

  8. H is for Help to Simplify the Complex

  9. I is for Imagine

  10. J is for Journey

  11. K is for Kinetic Text

  12. L is for Lightbulb Moment

  13. M is for Music

  14. N is for Narration

  15. O is for One Objective

  16. P is for Perspective

  17. Q is for Quicker

  18. R is for Read Less

  19. S is for Scripted Storyboard

  20. T is for Tell a Story

  21. U is for Use an Expert

  22. V is for Voiceover Artist

  23. W is for Watch Again

  24. X is for E(x)plain

  25. Y is for YouTube

  26. Z is for Zoom

P is for ‘Perspective’: When you choose to use animated videos, you’re choosing to teach or train using an alternative media. This gives you an opportunity to teach something from a different perspective. That perspective is often the key thing that will give your learners their light bulb moment.

Video content has a found its niche in the eLearning market, one that is continuously increasing actually. This eBook offers the alphabet of Animated Videos, literally, including all the reasons why you should prefer animated video and insightful tips to embody them effectively in your eLearning projects.

Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas
Founder of the eLearning Industry's Network