Life Cycle Of High-Potential Employees: Drive Leadership Through A Culture Of Continuous Learning

by Infopro Learning

This eBook highlights the critical measures that impact the future success of high-potential talent. High-potential leadership development is a long-term investment that results in a measurable performance impact on organizational development.

Key Chapters

  1. Evolution Of Leadership Development

  2. The Science Of High-Potential Individuals

  3. Understanding The Life Cycle Of High-Potential Employees

  4. Creating The Right Strategy For High-Potential Talent

The key to a successful leadership program is to understand what exactly high potentials need to grow and thrive in their aspiring roles.

This terrific eBook can offer eLearning professionals valuable insights into successful leadership development. It is also a wonderful tool that shares useful tips on how organizations can spot their super talents and raise them to reach their full potential.

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Christopher Pappas
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