The Learning Technology Manager's Guide Τo xAPI

by Ben Betts

There is a range of problems afflicting the learning systems we’ve gathered over the years. From organizations with multiple LMSs to those also deploying talent management systems, knowledge bases, social networks, social learning portals, mobile apps, and simulations. The list of potential software that the L&D department could use is growing by the day. But, for many people, it’s a real problem just trying to get the existing systems talking to each other. Never mind introducing something new and potentially impactful; the old stuff just doesn’t really work.

Key Chapters

  1. Introduction

    Ben Betts, Chief Product Officer at Learning Pool, introduces the guide with a short piece on the role of data in learning technologies.

  2. Introducing The Experience API

    In part 1, we get acquainted with the Experience API (xAPI), where it came from, and how it relates to existing technologies. We’ll explore how we can get systems sending data in the xAPI format and how organizations use xAPI data to improve their businesses.

  3. Introducing The LRS

    Part 2 of our guide will introduce the concept of the Learning Record Store, or LRS. We’ll investigate key questions like how your LRS might relate to an LMS, where you might store your data, and how you’ll secure it. We’ll also introduce our LRS, Learning Locker, its key features and pricing.

  4. Developing xAPI Statements

    We’ll get a bit more technical in part 3 as we look at the anatomy of an xAPI Statement in more detail. We’ll go over each of the key elements that make a Statement and give examples. Finally, we’ll give you 3 tips to make interacting with an LRS just a little bit easier.

This is why we use the Experience API (xAPI) over and above any other API: it’s really relevant to what we do.

The Learning Technology Manager's Guide To xAPI is an innovative and insightful guide that explores the Experience API and the LRS. A fascinating and insightful read, dealing in many fascinating concepts, geared toward the learning technology manager that wants to go one step further.

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Christopher Pappas
Founder of eLearning Industry Inc.