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Linking Learning With Performance: The Next Big Thing After LXP


Linking Learning With Performance: The Next Big Thing After LXP

by G-Cube / Published: Aug 23 2022

What it's about

When learning and performance are linked, the employees are pulled together in the same direction and to the best of their capacities. As Henry Ford says, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

Key chapters

  • Shifting To A Continuous Learning Mindset: Why Is The World Worried About Performance?

  • Connecting Learning To Real-World Outcomes: What Really Impacts Employee Performance?

  • How To Identify Performance Roadblocks That Hurt Your Company’s Bottom Line

  • How Do Current Training Plans Work And What Are The Common Challenges?

  • Reasons Why All Learning Initiatives Should Be Linked To Performance Behaviors And Business Objectives

  • The Role Of Advanced Tech: Proven Strategies To Link Performance And Learning

  • Which eLearning Tool Is Best? Tips To Choose The Right Fit For Your Learning & Performance Ecosystem

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