Your Microlearning Journey Roadmap: How To Launch A Microlearning Game-Based Strategy That Gets Rapid Results

by Code of Talent

Game-based learning has shifted the focus of learning from basic lectures and written texts to a more interactive method of learning that helps participants master skills and work towards achieving their goals and objectives. This eBook explores the benefits of game-based learning and how it helps bridge gaps and boost performance. We'll even discuss real-life examples and case studies so that you can leverage the full potential of microlearning gamification for your L&D program.

Key Chapters

  1. Next-Level Engagement: Reasons To Launch A Microlearning Game-Based Strategy

  2. Traits of Successful Microlearning Employee Gamification Experiences

  3. Key Differences Between Game-Based Learning and eLearning Gamification

  4. Top Game-Based Learning Activities That Provide Personalized JIT Support

  5. Game-Based Learning Design Best Practices and Common Pitfalls

  6. Secrets to Make a Strong Business Case For Microlearning Platforms

  7. Stand-Out Features to Look for in Microlearning Gamification Platforms

  8. Game-Based Strategies in Action: Microlearning Success Stories

Rote memorization isn’t what learning is all about. Learning doesn’t have to be dull but can be made interesting by applying the skills and knowledge to real-life problems by taking the practical and putting it in a gamified virtual context.

The primary goal is to make the information stick and move beyond theoretical application. This guide can help you pave a successful microlearning path that's motivational and engaging by taking the game-based approach.

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Christopher Pappas
Founder of eLearning Industry, Inc.