Microlearning Tips For A Successful Remote Workforce Onboarding Process

by Code of Talent

Code of Talent is an award-winning SaaS platform that helps employees turn knowing into doing through microlearning. Corporate trainers and managers can flexibly design and deliver 100% custom-built digital microlearning journeys to their teams. Get to discover all the best microlearning tips that will help you succeed in your remote workforce onboarding process stress-free.

Key Chapters

  1. What Is Microlearning And Why Is It A Powerful Tool For Remote Onboarding Training?

    Microlearning explained in an introduction to microlearning for remote onboarding training.

  2. Onboarding Best Practices To Create Engaging Microlearning For Your Remote Workers

    You will find out the best practices in creating engaging microlearning journeys for your onboarding process.

  3. How To Solve Crucial Onboarding Challenges With A Microlearning SaaS Platform

    Learn about what makes remote onboarding challenging and how a microlearning SaaS platform can help you overcome these challenges.

  4. Smart New Hire Orientation Ideas To Help Remote Employees Blend Into Your Company Culture

    Find out about key tactics to ensure the success of remote employee orientation and onboarding.

  5. Onboarding Remote Workers: 4 Ways To Bring Behavioral Change With Microlearning Platforms

    Here are 4 ways in which you can change employees' behavior with a microlearning platform.

  6. Steps For A Faster Employee Onboarding Process With Microlearning And Data Analytics

    Why is onboarding important and how can microlearning and data analytics make the process faster?

  7. Employee Onboarding Checklist To Ensure Success (For Current Employees And New Hires)

    Here is your employee onboarding checklist. You will also find a checklist for selecting a microlearning platform.

  8. 4 Reasons To Opt For A Microlearning LXP When Onboarding Virtual Teams

    Find out why a microlearning LXP is a lifesaver for onboarding virtual teams.

Success in the employee onboarding process is only possible when trainers are able and willing to see the training from the perspective of the learner. This is especially important when conducting online training for a remote workforce. Two critical questions that need to be answered about the remote workforce onboarding process include: Is it simple to follow the process? Can the online training platform help people learn the right abilities at the right moments?

Microlearning is one of the top-notch ways to fully engage your employees with their training and, of course, achieve the best-ever results! More especially now that you are dealing with remote workforce onboarding processes, microlearning should definitely be your first choice. In this amazing resource, get to discover all you need to know about correctly implementing it.

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