The Learning Scorecard: How To Measure L&D Impact And Prove ROI

by MindSpring

How does a learning and development team make their return on investment both measurable and visible? This eBook introduces a system to track the right metrics using the right methodology to visually display and quantify the investment in learning and prove ROI.

Key Chapters

  1. How to Defend the Spend

    Measuring the Costs and Benefits of Learning Experiences

  2. The Real ROI of Learning

    How Do You Measure the Impact of L&D?

  3. Bigger Budgets Bring a Bigger Spotlight

    Putting Learning Programs Under the Microscope

  4. Building a Solid ROI Framework with the Learning Scorecard

    Creating a Sustainable Framework Using Measurable Metrics

  5. Which Key Learning Metrics Should You Gather to Measure Return on Investment?

    Highlighting the Crucial Data Every Company Should Consider

  6. Making eLearning ROI Visible

    Gathering, Weighting, and Tracking Essential Data

  7. Data-Driven Decision Making

    How to Predict the ROI of New Learning Experiences

  8. The Big Picture

    How to Measure the Impact of Learning in Real Time

Ideally, your system is gathering, weighing, and tracking all the data you need. The only difference is that the dashboard pulls different metrics for each specific audience. That’s why I’m recommending The Learning Scorecard.

This guide can not only help you identify which metrics you should be measuring but make a stronger business case for your L&D initiatives. It also features actionable steps to put all the data into practice in order to achieve your objectives.

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Christopher Pappas
Founder of eLearning Industry, Inc.