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Transforming Culture In Larger Organizations


Transforming Culture In Larger Organizations

by SweetRush and Barrett Values Centre / Published: May 03 2018

What it's about

You know the impact your culture has on your business. But how do you change your culture? How do you really do it? Two experts are here to show you how. Ashley Munday of SweetRush and Tor Eneroth of Barrett Values Centre have created this in-depth eBook based on their experience transforming cultures in organizations like yours. Inside, you’ll find relevant case studies, tactical approaches, and links to incredible tools and processes. These road-tested resources will help you implement cultural transformation in your organization. This is work you can do, and we give you a plan. Changing culture is difficult, but doable—and worth it! Enjoy.

Key chapters

  • Introduction

    Get an overview of the concept of transforming culture and find out what you’ll learn in this valuable resource.
  • Case Studies

    Learn from organizations like Old Mutual Group, Volvo IT, and Unilever Brazil how to approach cultural transformation, and discover ways to successfully work with your culture.
  • Key Learnings

    The authors share their most important key learnings about culture change, including insights about measurement, communication, and timing, as well as other perspectives from the field.
  • “Growing” Your Desired Culture

    Creating a culture of engagement is like gardening: It’s an organic process. In this chapter, find out the five areas that need attention, planning, and adjustments in order to grow your desired culture.

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