How to Post a Contribution

Here is an overview of the contribution editor.

Although not required, displayed below is the recommended order to fill it out.

1. Description (300 - 800 char.)
2. Copyright Ownership (required)
3. First-time Publish (required)


To make changes, click on the pencil icon edit-icon next to the section you want to modify. This will open the section's editor, which will differ depending on the section. For example, this is what the content section editor will look like:


When you're done editing each field, click SAVE to save your changes or CANCEL to discard them.

Your profile data will appear to your contribution, so don't forget to update your profile (4).

The completion meter will be your guide to contribution completion. You can click on "See what is missing" at any time to see the sections that are still not complete.

When you have finished, and the Completion Progress area displays 100%, simply click on “Submit for Review”.