How Collaborative Learning Boosts Engagement Rates To Over 90% [eBook]

How Collaborative Learning Solutions Boost Engagement Rates
Summary: Collaborative learning solutions are one of the most effective ways to streamline communication and build interpersonal skills among your workforce. Discover how to deploy a top-notch collaborative learning strategy that personalizes the employee development process.

Are Collaborative Learning Solutions Best For Your Business?

Collaborative learning solutions bring your distributed teams together and keep everyone in the L&D loop. But is it the right strategy for your organization? Can it help your employees bridge gaps more rapidly and hone crucial skills? This eBook sheds light on collaborative learning science, best practices, and secrets to choose the best content provider. Before we dive into the sneak preview, let's discuss some of the overlooked advantages of launching a collaborative learning program for your workforce.

How Collaborative Learning Boosts Engagement Rates To Over 90%
From benefits to tried-and-tested strategies, this guide has everything you need to launch a successful collaborative learning program for your remote workforce!

Unexpected Perks Of Collaborative Learning Solutions

Most workforces consist of diverse experience levels, cultures, and areas of expertise. Collaborative learning solutions give you the power to bring out the best in your team by tapping into their full knowledge-sharing potential. Here are a few overlooked benefits you may want to consider:

Fosters Emotional Connectivity

Collaborative learning gives employees the opportunity to connect with content on an emotional level instead of merely reading about it. They can assign meaning, discuss it with peers, and explore new problem-solving approaches. In short, they're able to dive into the subject matter and assimilate key facts and stats more effectively because it's an emotional experience. Even quick chats with remote coworkers give them the chance to share ideas and evaluate the topic through a different lens.

Offers JIT Support

Online learners no longer have to wait until the next formal training session to ask questions or get remote support. Collaborative learning allows them to tap into their peer network for immediate help or insights. For instance, they aren't sure how to perform a task or how to avoid common compliance slipups. They can hop on to the message boards or address the issue during their next peer coaching session. This also alleviates some of the burden from managers and instructors/facilitators because coworkers fill in the gaps organically.

Builds A Better Team Dynamic

A team that learns together stays together. Collaborative learning solutions help you create a more cohesive remote workforce because learners know they can count on fellow employees. Furthermore, they all have access to resources that bridge skill, performance, and knowledge gaps so that they contribute even more to your team. For example, they foster interpersonal skills that boost CX scores and prevent on-the-job conflicts. Plus, they're more likely to form meaningful working relationships with their colleagues thanks to the collaborative learning activities.

Reduces Employee Turnover

Collaborative learning is one of the most custom-tailored L&D strategies because it molds to fit learners' needs. Someone who requires more one-on-one guidance can ask a mentor for help, while other gaps might call for group-based activities. Thus, employees are more likely to stay with your organization because they have personalized, ongoing support. As a result, your company reduces its new hire recruitment and training expenses by hanging on to top performers.

About This eBook

Whether you're an L&D pro looking for new ways to connect with your online learners or an HR manager who needs to boost employee retention rates, this collaborative learning guide offers invaluable insights. Here's a quick look at what you'll find inside:

  • 3 Prime Examples Of Collaborative Learning In The Workplace
  • Facts And Stats: The Science And Data Supporting Successful Collaborative Learning Strategies
  • 3 Undeniable Benefits Of Collaborative Learning For Telecommuting Teams
  • 4 Stress-Free Steps To Create A Collaborative Learning Environment
  • Traditional Training Obstacles That Collaborative Learning Activities Overcome
  • Potential Pitfalls: 3 Common Collaborative Learning Mistakes (And Top Tips To Avoid Them)
  • 3 Secret Tips To Selecting The Right Collaborative Training Platform To Fuel Business Growth
  • From Theory To Practice: 3 Collaborative Learning Solutions In Action

You'll uncover tips to leverage the power of collaborative learning for performance management, skill development, and other popular training use cases.


Looking for insider secrets to change mindsets about online training and get employees actively involved in the process? Download the eBook How Collaborative Learning Boosts Engagement Rates To Over 90% to discover how the collaborative approach breaks down barriers and maximizes your organization's L&D potential.

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