6 Insider Secrets To Find The Right eLearning Content Providers For Online Webinars

6 Insider Secrets To Find The Right eLearning Content Providers For Online Webinars
Summary: You don't have to be the host with the most to pull off a wow-worthy workshop. These insider secrets can help you find the best eLearning content provider for your next webinar.

Find The Best eLearning Content Providers For Online Webinars

You send out the e-vites, but RSVPs are few and far between. Could it be that your last live event left attendees underwhelmed? A well-spoken presenter, solid marketing strategy, and reliable video conferencing software are the crux of your online workshop. But learners are ultimately there for the content. The tips and tricks that help them solve shared challenges and improve performance. So, how do you choose a webinar content provider who brings their niche expertise without going over budget?

6 Tips To Choose The Best Webinar Content Providers

1. Use An Online Directory To Get The Company Backstory

Whether they’re hosting the event on your behalf or merely providing content, their company history is worth researching. How long have they been in business? How many people are on their staff? What’s their philosophy and design methodology? Finally, what sets them apart from other eLearning content providers? An online directory features company details you won’t find elsewhere. At least, not in one place. You can find out where they’re located, which businesses they support, and their contact information. A well-written listing tells you a lot about their image and work practices. It should go beyond the basic sales pitch and reveal its core mission statement.

2. Evaluate The Scope Of Their Services

You’re looking for online training workshop content, but there may be other eLearning solutions that can benefit your organization. Think in the long-term. Will you need someone to help with your gamification launch next quarter? Or to develop bespoke content next year when you expand into different markets? Consider the tie-in training products for your webinar. For example, the eLearning content provider collaborates with you to produce a podcast series that goes beyond the 1-hour workshop. This not only serves as a great marketing tool but is a signup perk for webinar attendees. Their ticket also grants them access to the podcast library for the next month.

3. Look For Partners In Your Specialization Area

There’s only so much knowledge and experience your SME or in-house experts can impart. The eLearning content provider must know the industry and subject matter to develop meaningful content that delves deeper. Instead of just covering the basics and trying to make up for it with dazzling effects and visuals. They should have some experience under their belt regarding industry trends, training topics, and challenges. The online directory features a comprehensive list of which specialization areas and industries that each vendor supports. Another way to find partners who are qualified and experienced in your field is through social media groups and forums. Ask members who they’ve worked with and if it was worth the investment. Do they have any recommendations that align with your price point and online training goals?

4. Consider Reviews And Ratings In The Decision-Making Process

You can’t make your final decision based on third-party reviews, alone. However, they do allow you to evaluate vendors from the other side. Users have already worked with the content provider. They’ve experienced their customer service and level of know-how. They’re also able to shed light on the eLearning content provider’s shortcomings to avoid costly surprises. For instance, the company’s pricing estimates exclude certain fees, or their software isn’t up-to-par. Directory listings include user reviews that highlight the pros, cons, and performance overviews. Ranging from achieved results to communication. It’s all summed up with an overall satisfaction score to help you make the right choice for your webinar.

5. Find A Provider Who Offers Translation Services For International Audiences

Webinars are often far-reaching. They don’t have the same limitations as face-to-face events, in that anyone with the link can attend. As such, you may have some international participants who require translations to get the full benefit. Even if they do speak limited English, they’re more comfortable with the content in their native language. Opt for a content provider that offers translation and localization services. During the event, they display subtitles based on the user’s locale. In post-production, they add relevant images, translated menus/prompts, and links that cater to global audiences.

6. Set Up A Vendor Meeting To See If They Mesh With Your Team

The plan is to work with the content provider for the foreseeable future. Even if you only need to host a one-off event though, it’s still a good idea to meet up and exchange information. Bring a list of questions and take time to clarify your objectives. Then see what they have to offer based on your specific requirements. This also gives you the opportunity to address the elephant in the room, pricing. How much do they charge, what does that include, and when is a payment due? Lastly, make sure they mesh with your team and have similar work practices. Are they open to revisions? What are their communication guidelines? Who is going to work on your project and what is their point of contact? Ask to see their portfolio and/or references. If you’re still unsure, pay for a sample project to test their design skills and methodologies.


eLearning content providers who specialize in webinars and online workshops must possess a broad range of talents. They have to not only understand the subject matter and your training objectives. But they also need to sum up the information and deliver it with panache to keep attendees engaged. The goal is to find a company you can partner with time and again to host winning webinars. A team that plays nicely with yours and takes the time to understand your company message. After all, the content they create should reflect your image and attest to your industry expertise.

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