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My background is in higher education where I worked as a language tutor for about fifteen years. Besides teaching face to face, I actively contributed to integrate digital citizenship in the curriculum. Whilst designing for online and blended learning, I came to realize the complexity that each delivery mode can present, so I took courses that would consolidate my understanding of Virtual Learning Environment’s theoretical framework, graphic design, as well as experiencing online learning as a student.

My decision to become an Instructional Designer was a natural evolution of my interests for learning rather than a career change. Working in production didn’t come without challenges, but my commitment to succeed allowed me to overcome these initial difficulties.

I think that teaching, particularly languages, provides an invaluable experience to anyone wanting to become an Instructional Designer. This is because it provides a set of transferable skills that allows you to approach course design in a creative yet pedagogically rigorous way. As a learning expert it gives you the confidence and the credibility to advise the client to find solutions to their learning requirements.

A piece of advice I can give to fresh graduates wanting to work in this field, is to apply for an apprenticeship in a highly reputed eLearning company. To anyone wanting to become an Instructional Designer, I would recommend taking a post-graduate qualification in Instructional Design or eLearning. A strong understanding of user experience will also give you a competitive advantage, so play games and visit websites, as they can be a great source of inspiration for intuitive interactivity and visually engaging solutions.

Antonella Veccia

Antonella Veccia

Position: Senior ID

Company: Thomson Reuters

Short Bio

Antonella is a multi-award winning Instructional Designer and has successfully designed courses for a wide range of clients, topics, and audiences. She believes that Instructional Design is essentially about helping people learn and change behavior as a result of it. That is why Antonella’s design is bullet point free and rich with solutions that makes the learning pleasant and memorable. She likes working with clients and influencing them, and she firmly believes that good results are always down to constructive teamwork and an environment that allows for innovation, creativity, and a bit of fun.

Antonella likes MOOCs, visual arts, good food, and wine.

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