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What are the most effective uses/tips to become an Instructional Designer?

I discovered Instructional Design by accident in 2000. I was intrigued by the possibilities it offered and how it could be used to create effective online learning.

In my journey over last 15 years (first as an Instructional Designer and now as Learning Strategist for EI Design) I have used the following guiding principles:

  1. Define and align solutions to organizational focus areas: Remember this; it is the reason why the training budget was approved, and the proposed solution must establish a clear gain for the organization.
  2. Use “Creative Instructional Design”: I have extensively used techniques of Gamification, Storytelling, Simple to complex Branching scenarios and simulations, Guided exploration, etc, to name a few.
  3. Follow a learner centric design approach
  4. Understand learner expectations and mental models
  5. Use innovative approaches to convert user experience to “learnability”
  6. Leverage on creativity backed by strong technology

There are a couple of tips I would like to share:

  • Go beyond formal learning: Look at options to “knowledge acquisition” to “knowledge application”. I have used Performance Support Tools intervention very effectively to support formal learning.
  • Work with a “bigger picture”: Craft the learning solution by looking at “Learning and Performance Ecosystem” level. Plan learning as continuum rather than just isolated training programs. Look at other anchors to leverage on, notably Social learning.
  • Constantly invest on innovation and exploration of new ideas and you will succeed in your journey as Instructional Designer.
Asha Pandey

Asha Pandey

Position: Learning Strategist

Company: EI Design

Short Bio

With an experience of more than 28 years, 14 of them in designing Learning solutions alone, Asha Pandey has been successfully heading EI Design as its CMD. While her roots lie firmly in Instructional Design, she has been playing a pivotal role in supervising the company’s business teams as well. As the chief Learning Solutions Architect, she has strategised a number of ground-breaking Learning initiatives to fulfill the Learning needs of EI Design’s customers worldwide, spanning across 20 different verticals. She has been at the helm of fuelling innovation, exploration and research initiatives at EI Design, which has now broadened its spectrum of enviable Learning solutions such as Learning Ecosystems, Performance Support Solutions, Gamification, Evaluation-friendly frameworks, and a consultative working approach to name a few. Currently she is leading the newly set up strategic initiative of “Competency Lab on Learnability” at EI Design. The outcome of this initiative is to create a unique, predictive framework for Learnability in online learning.

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