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I’ve been delving into the online entrepreneurial world the last year and have noticed that everyone and their mother have an e-course. This is good in a way, as it increases the opportunity for informal learning and personal growth. However, many courses are a “hot mess” in that they do not consider the sequence of learning. That is, they don’t consider how to lay out learning segments or experiences that support how the brain works, how people learn or how adults develop naturally. Their content is just sort of pushed together and delivered. As a result, students are less than satisfied and feel they haven’t learned well enough for their money.

To be a good Instructional Designer, study how to create sequential, progressive learning that supports the students. Draw on popular and sound learning theories (i.e. adult learning theory, brain-based learning, experiential learning theory, etc.) to help you understand how to design effective education. I went away from following theoretical frameworks and got lost in my course development work. Now I can’t design without them. Simply put, they inform my designs, which are effective and consider the impact on learners.

Start with designing for offline learning then transfer it to online. Use the affordances of technology to (somewhat) replicate the in-person experience, such as capturing lectures in video, using audio for storytelling, facilitating group work in discussion forums, etc. And also recognize that web-based technology can offer more than an in-person course, such as providing more interactive content, personalized scaffolding, self-paced learning and active learning community. Envision what learners can do and build it.

Dr. Kelly Edmonds

Dr. Kelly Edmonds

Position: CEO and Lead Instructional Designer

Company: Wired Learning Designs

Short Bio

Want to make the best e-course so that your learners exhale when they “get it”? Dr. Kelly Edmonds dreams about this every time she creates an e-course. She wonders, “What will they think? How will they interact with the course? Gawd, will they learn what I hope?” This has driven her to complete 3 degrees in education, research how to create effective online learning, and become sought after by companies and academic institutions worldwide (even India!) to create e-courses.

Contact: kelly[at]drkellyedmonds[dot]com

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