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Instructional Design is much like composing a painting. It starts with a need to create... in art that need may be generated from within. In instructional design, that need comes at the request of your client.

Once you have the need (the request), you begin to visualize the composition and select the medium for expressing your composition. Before you make that selection, you must consider the audience and the manner in which your composition will be displayed. More importantly, you explore the question, “will it make a difference?” In instructional design, this involves analysis. Analysis frames the composition. It allows you to explore how to compose to ensure that there is a return on the investment of time and effort.

However, unlike the painter, the instructional designer’s work is not complete when the paint dries and the painting is hung on the wall. As you present the composition, you must evaluate the audience’s reaction… did they see what you were attempting to communicate… did they learn… did their performance improve? You must continue to observe your audience and be able to provide your client with a measurable result. And finally, you must be willing to make changes to your composition to better engage your audience, to improve the results, and to create the masterpiece that fulfills the client’s request.

Kenney Reynolds

Kenney Reynolds

Position: Senior Instructional Designer

Company: Piedmont Natural Gas, Charlotte, NC

Short Bio

Kenney Reynolds has been in the training and instructional design field for over twenty years. He has experience in the retail industry and in public utilities. His current position at Piedmont Natural Gas in Charlotte, NC involves the design of learning solutions to support a variety of internal clients. He is currently focused on a leadership development curriculum for management that incorporates both computer based training and instructor led courses. He has an extensive background in design and photography and uses these skills to create engaging learning. He earned his “Certified ROI Professional” credentials from the ROI Institute in June of 2014.

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