Nurturing Modern Learners With Modern Learning Technologies [eBook]

Nurturing Modern Learners With Modern Learning Technologies [eBook]
Summary: Modern learning technologies and proven strategies can help you transition to online training and meet the evolving needs of your remote workforce. Download this eBook to discover how a little innovation goes a long way in your L&D program.

How To Nurture Today's Learners With The Right Learning Technologies

The COVID crisis prompted many organizations to rethink not only their business strategies but employee development programs. How could they provide individualized support with their current ILT approach? Would they be able to identify emerging talent and offer upskilling and reskilling opportunities to their (now) telecommuting teams? More importantly, how do they cultivate internal talent and help employees strike a better work-life balance? This guide shows you how to nurture modern learners with modern learning technologies and ride the tides of change.

eBook Release: Nurturing Modern Learners With Modern Learning Technologies
eBook Release
Nurturing Modern Learners With Modern Learning Technologies
Tap into the power of today's technology to cultivate talent and provide remote support!

Modern Learning Technologies: Should You Spark A Digital Transformation?

While the pandemic was a catalyst for many companies, others had already made the switch to VILT for reasons of their own, from cutting costs to improving accessibility. Transitioning from ILT to VILT and virtual training gives you the power to custom tailor content based on employees' individual gaps and goals. You can also provide hands-on learning remotely so that staffers learn from mistakes and build self-confidence.

What You'll Find In This eBook

This guide offers valuable insights to take your training online and reap the rewards of modern learning technologies. Here's a brief sneak preview of what you'll find inside:

  • Stepping Up To The Plate: How Companies Zoomed To The Digital Transformation Route
  • Winds Of Change: Learning Function Goes Viral
  • Pandemic: A Black Swan Moment For Innovation In Workplace Learning
  • A Year Into The Pandemic: Modern Learners Are A Focal Point
  • L&D’s New Mantra: Upskill And Reskill Always
  • Anytime, Anywhere, Personalized Learning: L&D’s Role In Assisting Employees


Are you ready to empower your L&D team and create a next-level virtual training strategy for your remote workforce? Download the eBook Nurturing Modern Learners With Modern Learning Technologies to learn how to support your online learners and launch a digital transformation in your organization.

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