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Why Do We Still Bulk Buy eLearning Courses?

Why Do We Still Bulk Buy eLearning Courses?

The way that companies buy off the shelf eLearning is changing. A new generation of online operators like Learndirect’s eCourses offer,,, and eLearning Marketplace (to name a few) are offering various viable alternatives to the traditional “site license” that’s dominated eLearning procurement so far. So what should we expect as the industry’s new online buying models go mainstream?

3 Tips To Teach Your Sales Staff About Cold Calling

3 Tips To Teach Your Sales Staff About Cold Calling

Even a mention of the words “cold calling” can numb your sales staff and elicit groans and complaints. If you have to conduct sales training in this area as a Human Resources professional, don't let them drag you into the age-old discussion of whether or not they can be effective. Instead, call cold calls “information calls” about your products or services and offer effective techniques on how they be done well.

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Skillcast is a complete e-learning ecosystem with ready-made courses, bespoke development, translations, learning management system (LMS), analytics and consultancy.

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Jenobi, Inc.

Jenobi specializes in eLearning for health, safety, environment (HSE) and compliance departments.

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Larmer Brown Limited

Managed content development Scope and Planning Standards and Best Practice Technical Support Hosting Services

7 Cloud Based Authoring Tools Compared

7 Cloud Based Authoring Tools Compared

There are literally hundreds of different software solutions that are available, allowing all types of organizations to produce, build, market, and manage their own online degree, training, and/or certification programs. In this article we’ve compared 7 cloud-based authoring tools, exploring the “pros and cons” of each solution.

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Learning Designs, Inc.

We design, develop and deliver training solutions that make our clients more competitive. Our goal is to partner with clients during every step to ensure on-time delivery of high-quality products and services.

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With Coursepath, a European based platform, you can create your own Online Academy in just a few steps and be able to share your knowledge and offer training courses right away. Coursepath makes training easy, and the learning aspect of it all rewarding and fun.

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Elearnit is a team of consultants (Alberto Pastorelli and Max Ferrari), who joined their multi-year experiences in the elearning and knowledge management field to make them available to our customers with the utmost promptness and efficiency.