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eLSE 2015

The purpose of the 2015 International Scientific Conference on e-Learning and Software for Education (eLSE 2015) annual conference on "eLearning and software for education" is to enable the academia, research and corporate entities to boost the potential of the technology enhanced learning environments, by providing a forum for exchange of ideas, research outcomes, business case and technical achievements. The conference will be held at the National Military Circle, Bucharest, scheduled in April 23-24, 2015.

How To Build The Relevant Quiz Activity On Your LMS

How To Build The Relevant Quiz Activity On Your LMS

True/false, multiple choice, fill-in the gaps, listening comprehension... There are many different question types and their corresponding e-learning activities. So, what question type is relevant for my course, based on the particular stage, the learners, and the training objectives? Thomas De Praetere, CEO at Dokeos, explains how you can build a relevant quiz activity on your LMS.

Questions For Choosing a Learning Management System

Checking Under the Hood: Choosing a Learning Management System

Choosing a Learning Management System is a complicated process since there are many different aspects to consider, not to mention that the LMS is usually the most expensive component of the online learning ecosystem. In this article, I have gathered a number of questions and categorized them properly, in order to help you make the process of choosing a Learning Management System straightforward, well structured, and less stressful.