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Gaze Into The Future Of Learning With Connie Malamed

In this exclusive interview with Learnnovators, Connie Malamed shares her insights on what constitutes great instructional design. She stresses on the importance of sharing one’s knowledge with the community, and offers valuable advice to budding learning designers who aspire to consider consulting as a career option. Equally valuable is her advice for learning designers to design their own apps. Connie’s foresights on the future of learning design are truly thought-provoking. Read on…

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Exposing 5 Popular e-Learning Myths

People’s opinions on the effectiveness of e-learning vary based on their own experiences. Determining what is true and what is myth can be challenging. Based on the 20 years of experience Interactive Services has in designing and developing custom learning solutions for compliance, sales, manufacturing and technology, our company has addressed a number of popular myths about e-learning.

Games Or Gamification?

As educators and trainers, what can we learn from the success of video games, and how can we use some of those lessons to make better learning experiences for our learners? With real project examples, Tim Buff looks at some of the key points of games and gamification in learning.

5 Rapid e-Learning Best Practices

5 Rapid e-Learning Best Practices

When you feel the need for speed, there’s only one thing to turn to—your favorite rapid e-Learning tool, of course! Rapid e-Learning tools can be an absolute lifesaver when you’re crunched for time but still want to produce a quality presentation. Check out this overview of rapid e-Learning, plus a few best practices to keep in mind as you’re developing rapid e-Learning.