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Successful Mobile Training Strategy

8 Steps To Create and Develop an Effective Mobile Training Strategy

While face-to-face instructor-lead training used to be the “norm”, today mobile training has become an increasingly popular method of skill set and knowledge development. Training and development managers are beginning to see the endless potential of mobile training. That is because mobile training not only offers learners the ability to learn on-the-go, but also allows them to gain immediate access to information whenever and wherever they really need it.

A Guide to Gesture-based Interactions: Learning at Your Fingertips

A Guide to Gesture-based Interactions: Learning at Your Fingertips

Kids today grow up with touchscreen devices and seem to innately know how to use them. This is lucky for them, as smartphone designers across the globe seem determined to fit the most content and least number of buttons onto the front of a phone. This means gestures—scrolling, swiping, tapping, pinching, flicking—are becoming the dominant interaction of the smartphone user interface. Children intuitively know which touch gestures to apply, but what about those of us who aren’t so-called “digital natives?”

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7 Steps To Make Really, Really Effective e-Learning

There are many different things to consider when designing a course but what makes the e-Learning really effective to the point that 98% of respondents give a positive response? Human Factors expert Emil Reisser-Weston examines the 7 steps you need to take to ensure that your e-Learning is relevant, processed and recalled effectively. It will change your perception of what e-Learning should be.

7 Steps To Become an Instructional Designer

7 Steps To Become An Instructional Designer

In this article, I will offer you an analysis of the steps you should follow to become an Instructional Designer, regardless of whether you are entering into the private education or corporate training sector. From familiarizing yourself with Instructional Design Models and Theories to choosing your Instructional Design niche, I will provide you with essential matters you need to know prior entering into the new and always exciting field of Instructional Design.