Published: May 29, 2017

simpleshow foundation Launches Volunteer Program

Volunteers can now easily contribute to simpleshow foundation’s mission by creating explainer videos around the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda of Sustainable Development


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Join The simpleshow foundation Volunteer Program

Miami, Florida, USA, May 29, 2017 – simpleshow foundation, a non-profit organization, which supports free knowledge in the form of simple open educational resources (OER), announces the launch of its volunteer program. In cooperation with the United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC), volunteers are encouraged to help explain the 17 sustainable development goals of Agenda 2030 through simple and entertaining explainer videos.

The volunteer program allows anyone to contribute their knowledge and passion to the world through educating viewers on the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Agenda 2030. Volunteers are invited to sign up on simpleshow foundation and select their topic of choice. They are then provided with access to an easy to use online video creator tool where training content as well as tips and tricks regarding the creation of a great explainer video are provided. After creating their explainer video, they can donate it to be featured on and distributed from simpleshow foundation’s channels.

The foundation was originally founded in 2014 by Morten Sondergaard and simpleshow co-founder Jens Schmelzle, who believes that “sustainable change will be driven by education.” Together with a community of volunteer authors, simpleshow foundation has already produced around one hundred explainer videos and has shared them under a creative commons license. Aside from that, the foundation runs free video workshops for universities as well as educational projects in cooperation with Wikipedia.

"Elisabeth Mandl (Wikimedia Germany) describes her experience with simpleshow foundation: “To get more people inspired about working on Wikipedia, we produced our own explainer videos in collaboration with simpleshow foundation. They each explain basic Wikipedia concepts in a very simple way. The collaboration went amazingly and I’m happy to be working with an organization that, like us, is committed to making the world’s knowledge accessible to everyone.”

About simpleshow foundation

The simpleshow foundation is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the United States, established in 2014 in Miami, Florida. As a young nonprofit, the foundation runs programs that seek to build connections between the free knowledge available in the world and people who need to understand it.