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October 5, 2015

What We Do Instead Of eLearning ROI Calculation

eLearning specialists constantly face a lot of “why” questions. Why is eLearning indispensable for the company? Why does it need special (and annually increasing) budget? Why can’t online courses be replaced with conventional mentoring or training? It isn’t always easy to prove the worth of eLearning. In this article I will share some effective eLearning ROI calculating methods, key metrics, calculators, and templates in order to measure the effectiveness of your eLearning.
by Elena Masolova
October 2, 2015

Top 16 Leadership Books For Chief Learning Officers In 2015

As you build your leadership foundation, it is important to know what leadership means to you and how you will apply it throughout your life. While you journey down your path of leadership, it will help you to read about and study how others became such successful leaders. Through reading these leaderships books you will be able to learn how to strengthen your own leadership skills while motivating and inspiring those around you.
by Curtis J. Morley
October 2, 2015

6 Corporate eLearning Trends Shaping eLearning Initiatives

Corporate eLearning has been around almost as long as computers have been in the workplace, but it hasn’t always been effective or engaging. We’ve all, at some point, experienced the mandatory computer training course whose biggest deliverable was mind-numbing boredom. But on the coattails of new technology and employee engagement initiatives, corporate eLearning is experiencing seismic shifts some for the better, others which have yet to prove their value.
by Aleksandr Peterson
October 2, 2015

Time Management: Making Procrastination Work For You

Employees have electronic calendars, desk agendas, and posted schedules, but work can still fall behind deadline and people have trouble prioritizing what needs to be done. In this article I will share a few thoughts on time management and how to make procrastination actually work for you.
by Roz Bahrami
September 25, 2015

Ubiquitous Learning: What Every Education Organization Needs To Know

While a variety of platforms have been developed and tested in the eLearning space -blended learning, flipped classrooms, gamified learning, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), and more- the perspective of ubiquitous learning has rarely been applied in a concrete way to real online/computer-based educational efforts. This article presents a broad view of ubiquitous learning in the Professional Education context and some quick ways for education organizations to begin building ubiquitous learning efforts.
by Ashish Rangnekar