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August 25, 2015

7 Ways Wearable Technology Could Be Used In Corporate Training

Wearable gadgets used to be reserved for international men of mystery and futuristic starship crews. Thanks to the advancements in modern technology, anyone can get information on the go with smartwatches and smart glasses. In this article, I'll offer insight into how wearable Technology could transform the world of corporate training.
by Christopher Pappas
August 25, 2015

Using eLearning As A Tool For Learning And Development Success

In the present scenario, a wave of new eLearning tools has helped Learning and Development professionals avoid repetitive classroom training. Instead of standing in a conference room full of employees each quarter, trainers can now present the curriculum via online video presentations and interactive eLearning, and check for comprehension with interactive quizzes and games. In this article I will show you 7 areas in which you can use eLearning as a tool to achieve Learning and Development success.
by Soni Amit K
August 15, 2015

Rethinking Employee Motivation

So you think you know what motivates your employees, students, children... well, think again. Science has discovered long ago that what really motivates us is NOT the “stick” nor the “carrot”. It's time to rethink employee motivation! Read this article to know why.
by Rambo Levin
August 14, 2015

12 Incredible Ways Custom eLearning Helps Distributed Workforce

Custom eLearning development offers a wide range of advantages in the private sector, but is custom eLearning really the way to go for distributed workforces? When your employees are scattered around the globe, designing and developing an online training program can be a challenging task. In this article, I’ll share 12 of the most convincing reasons why custom eLearning is a worthwhile investment for global organizations, so that you can enrich the overall experience for your staff that is located in different parts of the world.
by Christopher Pappas
August 13, 2015

Why Your Company Will Fail Without A Learning Culture

What keeps top performers at your company? Is it a pinball machine, free lunch, or a skateboard ramp? Surprisingly, research shows that while those perks are nice, they’re not the top indicators of a highly desirable workplace. What your employees actually want is a strong learning culture and a robust set of learning offerings.
by Stephanie Ivec
August 9, 2015

5 Innovative Training Strategies For Insurance That Work

In today’s environment of economic volatility, increasing calamities (natural and man-made) and changing global dynamics, the Insurance sector needs to adopt training approaches that will help them equip their employees to manage these variables successfully. While the Insurance sector continues to grow, the Learning and Development professionals in this sector have challenges of addressing the external variables as well challenges that are intrinsic to the industry. In this article I will outline 5 of our innovative training strategies that have helped our customers in Insurance meet these challenges.
by Asha Pandey
August 9, 2015

3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your eLearning Tools

Many companies have started to adopt eLearning as a primary training technique because it has proven to be as successful as conventional training, but at a much lower cost. In this article I will share 3 ways to optimize your eLearning courses by taking advantage of your eLearning tools.
by Jayme Jenkins