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July 25, 2013

Is eLearning Ready To Be A Grown Up?

It’s been more than two decades since eLlearning was introduced as an alternative delivery method for training. What started as a niche solution with more questions than answers has matured into a strategic tool for many organizations that impacts everything from employee development to risk management and customer retention.
by Steve Lowenthal
July 25, 2013

How To Make Employee Training Stick

We’ve seen in recent years a shift in the strategy that organizations apply in training their employees. Training is decreasingly looked at as a singular event, following which employees then are expected to perform their required duties proficiently. The new outlook, which more industry influencers are encouraging and one that a rising number of business are adopting, is looking at a more continuous learning process, one which provides employees with lasting support long after the formal training ends. Therefore, there arises a new for software and work aids which ensure that training “sticks” over the long haul.
by Christopher Pappas
July 12, 2013

Brand-Led Learning

Your brand embodies the personality of your organization and your products or services.  This personality creates thoughts, feelings, perceptions, beliefs and attitudes.  What’s this have to do with learning?  If learning isn’t aligned with you brand and culture, the chances of it being successful are greatly reduced.  Take these steps to get aligned with your brand and improve results and outcomes.

by Cammy Bean
July 11, 2013

Is DITA The Answer For Learning & Training?

You can author, manage, and deliver your Learning & Training content in multiple languages and formats on smartphones, tablets, e-books with DITA XML and a good Component Content Management System (CCMS). The cost savings downstream can be substantial, but there is work to be done upfront. How do you know whether your organization is a good fit for a structured content L&T solution?
by Stephen Page Morse
July 2, 2013

7 Ways To Make Your Mandatory Training More Exciting!

Annual mandatory training is common in many organizations, but does not always scream excitement to employees. It’s that dreaded time of the year employees hope to get the checkmark for and revisit 12 months later. Hearing that training is a must may even cause stress and anxiety. As an e-Learning developer, it’s important to think of ways your course can erase the negative feelings associated with training and turn training into an enjoyable experience. But how?
by Kristen Marshall
June 8, 2013

What Employers Really Think About Distance Learning

As the internet continues to change the way our society interacts with one another, it is natural that it has begun to change the way we educate ourselves as well. In the past fifteen years, distance learning has exploded as not only an extremely convenient means of obtaining a college degree, but in some cases even the necessary means of obtaining a degree. Few people have the luxury of devoting four years on campus as a full time student in our modern economy.
by Lisa Barnes
May 16, 2013

3 Learning Strategies To Engage Millennials – We Aren’t That Different

As a millennial, I feel like we already have a bad reputation before even entering the workforce. People think that we’re lazy, have no attention span, spend all day on social media and that we don’t respect the workplace. Now I can’t speak for my whole generation but I know from my experiences with my peers that we’re multi-taskers, self-learners, resourceful, very comfortable with technology and we’re just as dedicated to adding value to the workplace as any generation before us.
by Elisabeth Arellano